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Grubtech is revolutionizing the food and beverage industry with its innovative software solutions. This company specializes in making restaurants and cafes run more efficiently, from streamlining online orders to simplifying the delivery process. Known for user-friendly tools, Grubtech enables businesses to effortlessly keep pace with the fast-moving food sector. They are committed to helping eateries of all sizes flourish in the digital era, ensuring that every client can maximize their potential in today’s market.





Picker App Project at Grubtech


A highlight of my recent work at Grubtech involves the development of the Picker App, a groundbreaking mobile application designed as a fulfillment tool for grocery delivery platforms. This app represents the latest innovation in Grubtech’s product suite, tailored specifically for large-scale enterprise clients.

Key Contributions:

  • UI/UX Design: I played a pivotal role in designing the user interface and user experience of the Picker App. This involved a deep dive into user behavior and needs, ensuring that the app is not only visually appealing but also intuitive and efficient for operational use.
  • Website UI and Product Illustrations: Responsible for the design and development of the website’s user interface, including detailed illustrations of products and key features. This role involves creating visually appealing and informative graphics that effectively communicate the product’s value and functionality to users.
  • Brand Alignment Research and Design: Working in tandem with the product development team, I conducted extensive research to align the app’s design and functionality with the overarching brand strategy. This was crucial in ensuring a consistent user experience that reflects Grubtech’s brand identity and values.
  • Enterprise Rollout: The Picker App has been a significant success, notably with its implementation by ADNOC across 200 locations. My involvement in this project encompassed adapting the app to meet the diverse needs of such a large enterprise, a testament to its scalability and adaptability.

This project at Grubtech stands as a prime example of my ability to blend technical UI/UX design skills with strategic brand development, contributing to innovative solutions that meet the evolving demands of the digital food and beverage industry.


My Role

At Grubtech, my role encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities, central to the company’s growth and innovation in the food and beverage tech sector:

  • Content Team Leadership: I guide a skilled content team, focusing on crafting messages that engage our audience and reflect Grubtech’s branding excellence.
  • UI/UX Research and Design Collaboration: Working alongside the engineering team, I contribute to the research and design of user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces, enhancing the overall user experience of our software.
  • Icon Library Creation: I created an extensive set of icons using Blender 3D, specifically for Grubtech’s dashboards, apps, and websites. Each icon is designed to match our brand colors and style, with a focus on simplicity and clear communication. This makes them not only visually appealing but also easy for users to understand and navigate.
  • Targeted Newsletters: I manage the production of internal and external newsletters, tailoring content to the interests and needs of various stakeholders including investors, clients, and enterprises, ensuring effective communication of Grubtech’s ongoing initiatives and achievements.
  • Investor and Enterprise Sales Decks: Developing investor pitch decks and enterprise sales presentations is a key part of my role. These decks are essential in demonstrating Grubtech’s strategic value and future growth trajectory.
  • Visualization for RBI’s New Product Systems: I am responsible for the visualization of new product systems for Restaurant Brands International (RBI), which involves conceptualizing advanced tech solutions for global brands like Burger King.
  • Social Media and Ad Strategy for Target Personas: Strategizing and designing social media and advertising campaigns, I focus on aligning with the Ideal Customer Personas (ICPs) of our target market, ensuring that our campaigns effectively resonate with the desired audience.

My contribution at Grubtech is characterized by a strong focus on innovation, strategic planning, and effective communication, all essential in navigating the dynamic digital landscape of today’s food and beverage industry.

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